The Companies mission is to re-shape the way of working in the business world by facilitating the evolution to a higher level of consciousness, both individually as well as collectively in the entire organisation. The reason for this re shaping is the business improvement which generates from the implementation of the working methods of The Conscious Company.
The Conscious Company was born out of the profound experience of Escador, Den Dolder, The Netherlands, where over 150 Business Dialogues were organized and moderated creating over 200 millions of new business. Over the past few years over 800 Board members of large corporations in The Netherlands entered into co-creation sessions where personal contact and open communication were of pivotal importance.
The Conscious Company was founded by Alfred Schmits (1952) as a spin off of the work at Escador Innovations BV, Den Dolder, The Netherlands. The current president of the company is Alfred Schmits.