Strategy and innovation
Find the spark within the company which vibrates on the market

The China connection
Redesign your business model the Chinese way and align with partners in China

MD programs for leadership and business development
Create a profitable management development program with clients involvement

The conscious company Buddy Hank Mental Coach on the web an interactive webcoach for reducing your golf-handicap.

Personal training program
The course Meesters der verwondering (only Dutch spoken) teaches you to take responsibility, take work with your body, to work without your body and teach others to be succesfull in four training sessions of three days each. Email for more information.
The book 'de meesters der verwondering' as pdf 40.
Private coaching on demand.

The following workshops are designed with a strong connection to golf. In the morning you will play 9 holes and in the afternoon you will debate on specific topics with the experience of the morning at hand.

Make your company swing
This workshop focuses on your management to get the company more creative.

Sweeping innovation
This workshop innovates your company for sure.

Play to win
This workshop gives you a strong insight in your leadership capabilities.

Flowering Golf
This workshop learns you how to play golf like a pro.

Coach to flow
This workshop learns you how to get the best out of people.

Note: All workshop 1000 pp ex BTW (VAT)